Fascinating driving activities, the highest exclusivity, shared values, passion in every detail - what makes Mercedes-AMG an extraordinary experience is far more than just engine performance.

AMG Heritage

In 1967, two automotive engineers with a passion for motorsports began fine-tuning engines for Mercedes-Benz racecars in an old mill.

Today, as the performance division of Mercedes-Benz, AMG creates some of the most sought-after vehicles in the world. They're the product of skilled craftsmen, designers and engineers who live to test the limits, and one shared conviction: on the road to driving performance, short cuts never win the race.



There aren't many places in the world that literally crawl with supercars, but Affalterbach, Germany is one of them.

It's the home of Mercedes-AMG, and it's a hotbed of world-class engineering and old world craftsmanship. Go behind the scenes in this Mercedes-AMG factory tour to see what goes into each and every AMG, and even catch a glimpse of one AMG that you might not know about.

One Man - One Engine

From the beginning, the "One Man, One Engine" philosophy has guided AMG's approach to manufacturing.

Every AMG engine is hand built from start to finish by one of about 50 AMG Master Engine Builders in a special facility.

As the final step in the assembly process, the engine-maker affixes a plaque engraved with his signature to the engine cover. It's an enduring reminder that even the heart of a Mercedes-AMG has a soul.

Engine types

AMG 2.0 Litre is a 4-cylinder petrol engine with turbocharging developed independently by Mercedes-AMG. All of the components relevant to performance and strength have been newly developed and optimised.