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For the Mercedes-AMG performance brand, it is particularly important to compete successfully in motorsport.

Because motorsport demonstrates to us how effectively we can transfer laboratory engineering to the actual world of driving performance. That's why motorsport and engineering are always seen in combination at Mercedes-AMG.

F1 Racing

On June 3, 1934 at the International Eifel Race on the Nürburgring grounds, a racing legend was born. The Mercedes-Benz W25 was victorious in the race, setting the tone for what would become known as the Silver Arrows. Formula 1 World Champion drivers including Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and Michael Schumacher continued to dominate the sport, creating a winning streak which culminated with the MERCEDES-AMG PETRONUS team.

Mercedes-AMG GT S & C 63 S Estate

The official F1 safety car

Formula 1 is nothing new for AMG.

Since 1996, Mercedes-AMG has provided the car that all the racing drivers follow if an incident occurs.

The tradition of safety cars from Mercedes-AMG started in 1996 with a Mercedes-AMG C 36. Since 2010, what must be the world's fastest car with yellow warning lights - a modified Mercedes-AMG SLS - has been driven by the racing driver and Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador Bernd Mayländer. Mercedes-AMG has also supplied the Formula 1 medical car since 1996, and in the shape of a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Estate since 2008

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